Survey Science

Microsoft Excel Add-ins and a JavaScript library

for smoothing, deseasonalising and analysing data

Excel Add-ins

A series of add-ins broken down into the following:

  • Rim Weighting
  • Time Series - smoothing, deseasonalising, forecasting macros
  • Market Research - Consumer behaviour, sampling, sample size, standard errors macros
  • Data Manipulation - normalise data, fill data etc.
  • Charts and pivot tables
  • Text functions
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JavaScript Library

Originally written to modify data prior to charting with D3, this library contains functions to allow:

  • Smooth data - kernel, quadratic and filter smoothing
  • Deseasonalise data - basic functions to calculate the moving average, the period on period difference and deseasonalise by dividing by the period average.
  • Least squares regression
  • Simple, Holt and Holt-Winters exponential smoothing
  • Consumer behaviour market research functions
  • Auto-correlation and partial auto-correlation
  • Utility functions to modify data prior to charting
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Web Tools

I've converted a couple of the Excel add-in macros to web pages.

Rim Weighting

Sample Size